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Nov 2, 2009 7:00pm EST
they want in the united states. >> reporter: and susie, both g.m. and chrysler have gotten concessions from the u.a.w., so ford needs them to remain competitive. >> right, dianne, what are the chances of ford getting those concessions now that it's making money, doesn't that give the union a bargaining chip? >> absolutely. in fact, the uaw today said that the good inspections that ford reported today were part of the reason that the rank and file voted down the concessions. they said that they would not go back to the bargaining tablement but obviously if the financials would deteriorate from here, they might be encouraged to go back. we'll have to wait and see. >> another issue about where things are financially with ford, a lot of headlines today about that billion dollar profit but ford also has a lot of debt. something like $27 billion. so how does that play into its forecast. isn't that a serious problem? >> it is a problem. as you probably recall, they mortgaged a lot of assets to keep themselves out of bankruptcy. analysts say if the economy continues to improve, if the credit market
Nov 25, 2009 6:00pm EST
-- and i would say enthusiastic role by the united states of america, these negotiations will not yield the kind of the kind of results that we are looking for. true, we would have hoped that the united states of america would have been more ambitious than what it has indicated. >> reporter: india is also one of the world's largest producers of greenhouse gas emissions, but is a relative newcomer to an industrialized economy. saran says the country has concerns that a climate agreement could stifle economic development. >> for us, climate change is not just a separate issue, it is intermixed with our developmental, you know, issues itself. so how we balance, you know, the problem of climate change with the other stresses and strains that the country is going through as this process of social and economic transformation, we would hope that there is some understanding of that challenge that we face. >> reporter: meantime, a series of studies released today in the british medical journal "the lancet" could give another boost to advocates of addressing climate change. the studies found that
Nov 25, 2009 11:00pm EST
interest of the united states it is urgently needed. the president knows achieving this goal will be difficult. he has said that he will not one of her -- waver in his pursuit in the middle east. for that reason, he has dedicated himself and his it ministration to the resumption of negotiations and to the creation of an atmosphere that maximizes thesuccess. the steps we have suggested to all parties to improve the atmosphere for negotiations are not ends in themselves. they certainly are not preconditions to negotiations. they can make a valuable contribution for achieving our goals of successful negotiations that result in a two-stage solution. that is why we urge the palestinians to expand and improve their security efforts and to take strong and meaningful action. it is why we have urged the arab state to take steps toward normalization. at the is what we have urged israel to stop activity. while they fall short, we feel the steps announced by the prime minister are significant and could have substantial impact on the ground. for the first time ever, an israeli government
Nov 15, 2009 7:00am EST
hnology is more important than ever in driving the united states economy and also 33 percent saying united states will be the global tech leader and a lot of americans think we will not. why is that? >> there's good reason to be concerned. it's not so much that america's innovation pro west is lagging but that the rest of the world is catching us. the recession has not helped with unemployment at ten percent we have good minds not contributing to the economy and we've seen anybody incorporate america has seen a lot of projects and r and d spending cut back as companies try to trim costs as their top line as shrunk so the survey captures the notion that both in the long-term and short-term there's things to be concerned about. > the first paragraph of the story says by most measures, america remains the world leader in technology achievement. consider the 2009 nobel prize winners of the 13 people honored nine were america's. not bad, right? >> but the nobel is a lagging indicator that people earn that typically at the end of their career for work that took place in many cases years and years pri
Nov 24, 2009 11:00am EST
the united states and india can strengthen the global economic recovery, promote trade that creates jobs for both our people and pursue growth that is balanced and sustained. as nuclear powers we can be full partners in preventing the spread of the world's most deadly weapons, securing loose nuclear materials from terrorists, and pursuing our shared vision of a world without nuclear weapons. >> india and america are separated by distance but bound together by the values of democracy, rule of law and respect for fundamental human freedoms. >> reporter: there's also some hard cash involved in this. american businesses are looking at india and seeing dollar signs because as you look at their infrastructure rebuilding, ports, airports, roads, etc., the chamber of commerce predicts they could over the next five years, u.s. companies could make $500 billion. this is also a good deal. >> what do both sides get out of this state visit? >> reporter: i think the united states gives india what it wants which is recognition that it is a very important country in the world right now, that in spite of
Nov 14, 2009 7:00am EST
as a citizen of the united states is just appalling. i think eric holder should have left them in guantanamo bay and be tried there. i lived in new york in 2000 and 2001. it was just terrible. for them to be tried in a federal court, it just speaks to this country to give people that do not ware uniforms, do not apply to the geneva convention to come to our country and then be given rights like a citizen. host: david, in this newspaper article, attorney general holder elected to proceed with the first u.s. criminal prosecution alleged to have been directly involved in the plot eight years ago that targeted the world trade center and pent he gone because of his full confidence in the successful outcome. tell us why you are not as convinced of the outcome? caller: i'm not confident because i believe that in our country, people are innocent until proven guilty. when you use water boarding and all these things they are trying to use against ournqq governmen why should a terrorist be given rights in our country. host: let's go to the democratic line. caller: i think they should be tried here. t
Nov 16, 2009 12:00pm EST
later, after the pentagon papers, erwin griswold, the solicitor general of the united states, who argued the pentagon papers case on behalf of the nixon administration, wrote a story for "the washington post" saying that in fact there was no national security issues whatsoever, and that he as a lawyer had to use every bit of ingenuity and creativity to even make an arguable case pits if anyone wants to read that, i am sure the attorneys in this room would. "the washington post, irwin griswald. you can check out on nexis lexus. no national security issues of all. >> pennsylvania is an elected state at the federal level, as far as appointments. but every once in awhile, it gets played out as to whether pennsylvania should go to some combination -- excuse me -- appointed intellect. i'm going to ask and academic, john, to talk first about that topic. where do you think it should wind up? should it stay the way it is? judges close to home like county judges, are they electable in the sense that people know that? where is it if you go statewide -- or is it if you go statewide? >> at the local
FOX News
Nov 16, 2009 6:00am EST
't have enough jails there why do we have any jails empty in the united states at taxpayer expense? maybe that's a whole another issue. why do we have a whole federal prison sitting there? is it because some of these prisoners in california are not federal prisoners? peter: only 200 minimum security prisoners at that facility at this point. and we don't mix state and federal prison population. gretchen: but we will bring terrorists there? on its face it seems weird to me that we wouldn't be able to find some use of this prison, instead of bringing some of the world's worst terrorists there. steve: and we were talking about whoever becomes members of that jury for can a lead sheik mohammed their families could be a target. the people of the surrounding area there in illinois, some of them feel like you bring these guys here then suddenly we will be the focus of jihadi and stuff like that. we don't like that. congressman kirk who is going to join us in 45 minutes wrote this letter to the administration. quote: steve: mark kirk is going to be joining us very promptly to talk about that gitmo
Nov 3, 2009 6:00am EST
are destroying the economy of the united states. this election is going to be interesting to see just tell the public is feeling. host: which races are you watching? caller: it is a foregone conclusion that virginia and creigh deeds ran a terrible campaign. the new york 23rd is traditionally a republican district. it will almost certainly go republican. a democrat has not won since 1850. corzine is a wall streeter. host: you would not bit surprised if corzine loses? the president has been there five times to campaign for him? the >> people are concerned about the tax rates in new jersey. -- caller: people are concerned about the tax rates in new jersey. they're not happy with corzine's leadership. host: let's hear from a voter voting in today's new york city mayor's race. who are you going to vote for? caller: thompson. chost: why is that? caller: mayor bloomberg is for the rich. when i went downtown, all the buildings were nothing but luxury buildings. people are getting a rent increase every single year. in one of his commercials, he said that crime is down in new york city. he did not m
Nov 25, 2009 7:00pm EST
in the united states, significant announcent? >> yes, defitely. there had been a thoht that the president woulrefrain from putting anything psk on the table until the congre had acted. the house has acted if these numbers are in lin with what the hous has in their bill,ut the senate has just reportedded somethg out of comttee. nothing s reach the floor. so by putting h force behin these numbers, the presint is sort of settingp a negotiating line witthe congress and indicating probably what he feels is the minimu benth whenhesenate shouldn't go and a minimum of wt the world neez needs. a warming of three to four degreesahrenheit puts us in the nger zone as far as global warming is concerned, and these sorts of emissions reductions are consistentwith what we need to get od start combatting th warming. >> suarez: professor, ishat mething new for the united stes, specific ars and specific reduction perntages? >> back in the cnton administration, the u.s. did agree to specifiyears and specic reduction perntages, and they were emdied in the kyoto protocol whh president inton never sent up to t
Nov 28, 2009 7:00am EST
problem will bring down other markets. stocks in the united states fell modestly. european markets gained friday, following the steep losses thursday when the u.s. markets were closed for the thanksgiving holiday. we will talk more about what is going on in to buy. let's go back to the phones. santa monica, california, danny on airline for democrats, go ahead. caller: i am a c-span junkie. host: are you going shopping this morning? caller: i saw an ad -- i saw a magazine called ad-busters and the advertised eight no-shopping day. i fast to be conscious of how we are overwhelmed with the amount of food we eat and plus the soldiers that cannot come home and eat. when i'm delirious the day after that, i will get the food but i bypass the shop and i will watch the coverage and see the faces of the people shopping. sometimes they are smiling but 90% of the time, they look very stressed out in photographs and the coverage in the news. i was calling to say that buy- nothing day is the best protest you can do and it is fantastic to be conscious of how we are manipulated by the credit card compani
Nov 24, 2009 7:00am EST
east and the united states did not arm israel in their wars, we never would have suffered 9/11. i do nothing anyone would have heard the name osama bin laden. we are going to be there for years and years. they talk about raising taxes on the ridge to pay for this war. they will be paying for it forever. thank you. host: the first official state dinner will be taking place in washington, "obama was big tent leaves out gop big wigs -- obama's big tent believes that gop big wigs. chief among for those not coming, john maynard -- john boehner and eric cantor. the president did not invite john mccain, even though mr. obama pledged a post-partisan presidency. -- presidency." we will have live coverage of the dinner giving way under -- getting way tonight at 9:00. there is also a press conference that will happen at 11:30 eastern time. the arrival ceremony was originally scheduled for the south lawn, it will be moving to the east room. lester, good morning from detroit. caller: good morning. listen, i do not have any problem with the rich being taxed for this war. over the years, you know,
Nov 21, 2009 7:00am EST
in the united states. a lot of those democrats, however, in congress right now are very moderate. a lot of them are not for comprehensive immigration reform. none want to take a vote on immigration right now. it is the new third rail of american politics. but obama made promises in that area and so did a lot of more liberal democrats. the hispanic caucus is growing in influence. i think that's kind of the next policy piece to explode in washington. host: our guests have been patricia murphy. the wsi attached to our website. also joining us, jillian bandies. again, their website attached to the c-span website as well. thank you for joining us. we're going to do a short bit of phones and then we're going to talk about bus service in the united states. we'll be right back. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2009] >> washington journal continues. >> host: if you want to weigh in on the short period of open phones, the numbers are on the bottom of your screen. the financial times has a story about army recruitment, military recr
Nov 16, 2009 12:00pm EST
, and because the united states started the battle in muslim countries. has sn accused of shooting and killing 13 people at ft. hood. s he is still in the hospital. >>> and president obama is in china. china financed massive sums of u.s. debt. part of the president's talks may include assurances those investments are safe. the president held a town hall meeting with college students in shanghai where he push for greater freedoming in china. >> we do not seek to impose any system of government on any other nation, but we also don't believe that the principles that we stand for are unique to our nation. these freedoms are expression and worship, are access to information and political participation, we believe, are universal rights and should be available to all people, including ethnic and religious minorities, whether they are in the united states, china or any nation. >> president obama will also visit china's great wall today. >>> and the obama administration says people trying to politicize the president's vow to japan's emperor and every pris are way, way off base. president obama greeted
Nov 24, 2009 10:00am EST
. those are things that are are unpopular. and he's a president of the united states being told by the military, mr. president, we can't defend those outposts and we need more people to do a countersurge insurgency. and i guess it these are correct and they puts 43,000 troops in, imagine the progressiveness, with the troops, if you don't advance health care. i think he'll find 10,000 and train the army because he's politically unsustainable with his base, if he puts in 43,000 troops and prosecutes afghanistan during a water with afghanistan as president, i think he'll have a democrat primary and that we'll have a substantial split mountain democrat party, if that's what he does. and i would argue this -- for our party, and the tensions between our kind of economic votes and our religious conservatives, the fact that the energy in republican party is about spending and deficit, if we're so inept we can't take these people and make them part of a new coalition, they we oughting to nothinged. the -- this are 24% of the people in this country who say they would likely vote for a thi
Nov 24, 2009 9:00am EST
, india has become more and more important to the united states. worldwide, its influence economically, politically, is growing. and yet, there's a certain perception in india that they are not getting the attention that they really should be getting. that the united states is right now focused on china, a lot of attention on the neighbor, pakistan, because of afghanistan. so this is a way of reassuring them that it's really, really important. and no matter what issue you look at right now in the world, heidi, india is really important. climate change, energy, relations with china, you name it. they are very important. >> all right, jill dougherty for us this morning, thank you, jill. >>> this morning, big news on the economy and where it is headed. just minutes ago, the commerce department lowered its figure on the gross domestic product. of course, the gdp, a big deal, because it measures all the goods and services within the country, and therefore, is considered one of the broadest measures of the economy. so, what does the gdp mean to you and your wallet? the impact may be much gre
Nov 4, 2009 6:00am EST
stronger and more capable of action and turn it into a strong partner for united states. we can build a strong partnership on this basis. first with russia, china and india. for ladies and gentlemen, the world we live in today is both freer and more integrated than ever before. the fall of the berlin wall, the technological revolution and information and communication technology and the rise of china, india and other countries and dynamic economies, all of this has changed the world of the 21st century into something completely different from what we knew in the 20th century, and this is a good thing, for freedom is the very essence of our economy and our society. . man ca e he's free. but what is also clear is that freedom does not stand alone. it is freedom in responsibility and freedom to show and shoulder responsibility. for this the world needs an underlying order. but the near collapse. but the near collapse. financial market has shown when is none, when there is no underpinning order. there is -- if there is one lesson the world has learned from the financial crisis of last yea
Nov 28, 2009 10:00pm EST
to not come from the south of the united states or they tend to be refugees from the south. jackie robinson away from georgia to pasadena california, or curt flood who came from oakland california. i was just talking to someone about that the other day the way that when marvin miller was looking for someone to challenge, he was looking for an african-american athlete not from the south but was influenced by the broad tenor of the times. it seems sugar ray robinson was very influenced by what it meant to live in harlem at the time. and harlem is in many ways a character in the story. and people should know that this is not a typical biography. it is certainly not a typical sports biography. you have marvelous personifications of harlem, jazz music and "esquire" magazine and the in affect become characters in the story. why is it important to understand harlem to understand sugar ray robinson? >> guest: people always say a statement, people always say he had such style or she had such style, well what does that mean? i was intrigued with that. >> host: what is style? >> guest: yeah, what is s
Nov 29, 2009 7:00am EST
in the united states efficiently, cost effectively and so forth. some manufacturing should be done in china. too much manufacturing is being done in china that could be done more effectively in the united states. >> jim agrees and hopes other manufacturers will follow his lead. >> i think people are afraid to make the commitment to lean, to automation, to reinvesting in the factories, because they have this stigma in their mind. they have this belief that you can't make it effectively and profitably in america. it is not true. i think people give up on manufacturing in america prematurely and it can be done. >> ali velshi, cnn, new york. >>> being confined to wheelchairs is not stopping some people who have found a way to get their competitive juices flowing. we are going to introduce you to a game that made it's mark overseas but it is now catching on in the u.s. >>> tiger woods is not talking about his one-car accident. hear what investigators heard when they went to his house to get answers. >> get out of my face. what are you doing? >> cindy sheehan had an explosive exchange with a man who s
Nov 29, 2009 8:00am EST
in europe, less popular in europe than it is in the united states. so that is a problem. >> peter bergen, we always appreciate having you and your expertise here with us. thank you, as always, and enjoy the rest of your sunday. >> thank you, t.j.. >> and a reminder, president obama announcing his deployment of troops to afghanistan at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >>> the 911 call reporting tiger woods' car accident to police could possibly be released today. but right now, woods and his wife, well, they just aren't talking. police have tried twice now to get their story and each time they've been sent away from his home. they're going to try again a third time today and our susan candiotti is in florida following the story. >> reporter: t.j. and brianna, good morning. florida highway patrol troopers say they're as surprised as anyone else why they haven't been able to hook up yet with tiger woods and his wife to take a statement after that traffic accident. they called it very unusual. the cracked up front end of what's believed to be tiger woods' cadillac suv. accident photos provided anonymously to
FOX News
Nov 12, 2009 8:00pm EST
good decisions. this is to the president of the united states. it is time, it is time to make a decision. bill: today we learn the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan doesn't want more troops. so chaos reigns. joining us now from washington former ambassador to the u.n. and author of the book the prosperity agenda. here in the k.t. mcfarland defense official in the reagan administration. you can debate policy. i sympathize because it is a very complicated situation. he doesn't want to get into another vietnam or even another iraq in the early stages. however, however, now you have abject chaos. the ambassador pitted against the top general in the field. these guys talk every day. >> sure. bill: one is saying we need them. the other guy is saying don't send them. this is bad. >> it's not just. this remember, mcchrystal was the man that president obama picked because he fired the guy who was there before. bill: absolutely. >> now on our second commander. ambassador who is a former commander in afghanistan -- everybody has a different opinion. the thing i worry about is not so much wh
Nov 12, 2009 6:00am EST
,000 people in the united states since april. the virus isn't getting more dangerous but the cdc is now counting lab confirmed cases and deaths from complications related to h1n1. >>> president obama got four options from advisers about afghanistan, and he turned them all down. a white house official says the president has growing doubts about the afghan government, and he wants an exit strategy before sending extra troops. so he sent all his staff recommendations back to the drawing board. former secretary of state colin powell supports the president's cautious approach. >> this is a very difficult one for him, and it isn't just a one-time decision. this is a decision that will have consequences for the better part of his administration. so, mr. president, don't get pushed by the left to do nothing. don't get pushed by the right to do everything. you take your time to figure it out. you're the commander in chief and this is what you were elected for. >>> well, part of what's making this decision so hard is the president's two top men in afghanistan completely disagree about bringing in
Nov 1, 2009 6:30pm EST
urging abdullah to stay engaged in the national dialogue, and she said the united states will support the next afghan president. richard engel, nbc news, kabul. >>> the white house has been waiting a resolution to the afghan election before deciding on a new military strategy. let's bring in nbc's mike mckhaira at the white house tonight. will we hear a decision from the president very soon? >> reporter: the president was told and apprised of the situation in afghanistan today en route to new jersey where he made a campaign swing. he talked to his national security adviser, general jim jones. the first thing you have to know about reaction a lot feel it could have been worst. dr. abdullah did not call for any boycott of the election or protests. in their public statements secretary of state clinton praised abdullah saying that he ran a dignified and constructive campaign. david axelrod said dr dr. abdullah's withdrawal statement was moderate. what we know about the process for a new strategy in afghanistan, the president met on friday with the joint chiefs of staff. it was the seventh
FOX News
Nov 19, 2009 6:00am EST
accused terrorists in the united states of america. but did eric holder make his case? you be the judge. brian? brian: how dumb can some criminals be? >> christmas came early for us today. yeah. back to the show. brian: they won't be opening up any presents this year. you won't believe how they got busted. our slogan from george in pueblo, colorado. when i get up to face the day, it's "fox & friends" that lights my way. steve: nice. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- gretchen: good morning, everyone. we start with a fox news alert. afghanistan's president hamid hars i didn't -- karzai has been sworn in. in his inaugural address he said his security forces should take the lead in the fight against insurgents. secretary of state hillary clinton attended the inauguration. before the ceremony she called on karzai to take accountability for his government. president obama headed back to washington. his last stop this morning, south korea, where he met with the country's president. among the issue, no
Nov 11, 2009 6:00am EST
, may god bless our soldiers, families, and the united states of america. [applause] >> ladies and gentleman, the chief of staff of the army, general george casey. >> good afternoon. president and mrs. obama, governor perry, governor doyle, secretary gates, secretary shinseki, many distinguished members of congress from the state of texas and across the country, secretary of the army john mchugh, admiral and mrs. mcmullen, families and friends -- it is a tradition in our special operations units to go to the book of isaiah went eulogizing fallen comrades. proud of their willingness to accept any challenge for this country, at the funeral they read," then i heard the voice of the lord saying, "whom shall i send? and who will go for us? then i said," here i am, send me." this passage conveys the sentiment that applies to every member of our army. it gives voice to a spirit of service that lives in every soldier. it is a spirit we saw in the 30 soldiers who gave their lives here, men and women who believe in the values and ideals this country stands for and men and women who willi
Nov 26, 2009 6:00am EST
for pictures with rahm emanuel and the vice president of the united states. >> it's just unbelievable to me. the couple posted pictures of themselves on facebook hanging out with the vice president. and the white house chief of staff rahm emanuel. a woman describing herself as the publicist for this couple says that they were fully cleared to attend the event. oh, honey, we have a lot more to talk about than just that. so who are the salehis? richard lui takes a closer look in about ten minutes. >>> you may be up earlier than normal to do the cooking and baking today. others are up early to stake their place in new york. 31 balloons including snoopy and spongebob square pants have been inflated for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. thousands of people are expected at this morning's parade including santa claus. >>> yesterday you know was a busy travel day but many people avoided the airports. aaa reports air travel could be down by more than 6% this year. check out the crowds at penn station in new york yesterday. many people chose to go by train, be bus or car. apparently because it is c
Nov 1, 2009 7:00am EST
to the united states. he's accuse of running over his daughter withes i h car because he didn't think she was living according to traditional values. almaleki remains in the hospital in serious condition. >>> what kind of business gets 800% of a mark-up on things it's reselling? a military contractor in iraq does. and as brian todd reports, if someone's being ripped off your money is paying for it. >> reporter: $196.50 for a box of washers that's supposed to cost $1.22. $237 for a vehicle side mirror that you and i should pay less than $15 for. that's how much the inspector-general for iraq's reconstruction says american taxpayers have been overbilled by a contractor that supplies vehicle parts for the iraqi army. >> we are going to work with the army material command, the army contracting command to make sure the money is recouped and that taxpayer interests are cared for. >> reporter: he deals with a company called aecom which provides equipment and logistics reports. four invoices were reviewed a tiny fraction of the total, and the company could have overbilled $4
Nov 3, 2009 6:00pm EST
if i'm the bad cop. what i'm trying to do is callq what i see here is the united states getting sucked into a situation, into a war that has no end. you know, i have repeatedly called for an exitç with regard to our military. you know, i believe if you're going to go to war0y have a clearly defined mission. i don't think we have a clearly defined mission in afghanistan. a clearly defined mission is a beginning, a middle, a transition period and an end. i've asko point does our military contribution to the2d solution in afghanistan come to an end? we could bring our troops home. i'm not looking for a date ser. i would like someone to tell me how this has a happy ending. our mission in afghanistan is very different than it was when/+ congress authorized the use of force against al qaeda after 2001. we have... this whole mission is very, very different. we should have a5 debate on this. i think the policy should be re-evaluated in its entire tee.? mistake to expand our military footprint there. i think it would... and especially in the aftermath of this election. i don't want our americ
FOX News
Nov 28, 2009 12:00pm EST
. there she is with the president of the united states. russian officials are calling a train crash that killed 26 people an act of terrorism. meanwhile, a second less powerful bomb has exploded near the scene. no one was injured in that explosion. police suspect a crash which happened yesterday could be the result of a planned terrorist attack. the train defailed while travelling on a busy rail line between moscow and st. petersburg. the white house as released a statement says it's deeply saddened by the railroad accident and the terrible loss of lives and injuries. president obama will announce his afghanistan troop decision from west point on tuesday, but as the war in afghanistan drags on. are the mainstream media and some democrats growing a bit weary about all of this? joining us now is author, journalist and fox news contributor liz thank you for joining us here today. your thoughts how this is going to unfold both among the president's party faithful and the liberal media? >> yes, of the two phrases we've been hearing, brian, all week have been finishing the job, they have
Nov 29, 2009 6:30am EST
it to anyone and may the best car win. right here in the united states every 9 1/2 minutes someone's father, mother, brother, sister, someone's friend, someone's coworker, someone's neighbor... every 9 1/2 minutes, someone is infected with hiv. be the solution. visit learn. know. act. >>> welcome back to "our world" with black enterprise. we've all seen the headlines, michael vick, plaxico burress, serena williams, they and others have made headlines outsides the sport arena. what responsibility do they have to be responsible? joining us today to talk about this, steven a. smith, journalist and commentator. drew joyce, high school basketball coach at st. vincent st. mary. he also coached a guy you probably heard of, lebron james. and jonathan abrams, sports writer for "the new york times." gentlemen, welcome. greatly appreciate it. steven, you and i have talked about this over the years, publy, privately. let me put that to you. do these athlete have a responsibility to the community? >> i think they definitely do have a responsibility. but even more so, if you want to g
Nov 3, 2009 7:00am EST
fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> north korea has raised the threat to get the united states into direct talks. they say they have completed a process to make one atomic bomb. it comes as they demand direct talks. >>> and now in afghanistan, where karzai promises to root out corruption. after he was declared in election so tainted with fraud that his challenging dropped out. president obama personally called him. >> i emphasized that this has to be a point in time in which we begin to write a new chapter. he assured me that he understood the importance of this moment. but as i indicated to him, the proof is not going to be in words, it's going to be in deeds. >> the white house says despite the canceled election, the president's decision on troop levels could still be weeks away. >>> joining us with more on the situation in afghanistan is malu innocent from the catoe institute. good morning. good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> we enjoyed your analysis in afghanistan, we wanted to have you back to talk about the latest development. karzai again president for another five years.
Nov 29, 2009 9:00pm EST
's history of sports in the united states. >> host: welcome to "after words." i am dave zirin, i am the sports editor for the nation magazine, and i'm absolutely thrilled to be interviewing a man who has written a tremendous biography about the greatest pound for pound boxer of the 20th century. that boxers name is walker smith, jr., better known as sugar ray robinson, and the author is wil haygood. how are you doing? >> guest: good, good to be here. >> host: it's great to have you. i do think this book is actually worthy of sugar ray robinson. it is a tremendous achievement so congratulations right away. >> guest: thank you. >> host: you are not a sports biographer by trade. why did you decide to spend five years of your life writing about sugar ray robinson? >> guest: i had written to previous biographies, one of adam clayton powell, the new york congressman and the other the entertainer, sammy davis jr. so i started thinking if i could find another subject that interested me i would have a trilogy, three major biographies, and i wanted adam hall of course, it politician, sammy da
Nov 16, 2009 5:00pm EST
he welcomes a strong china in the united states. and the united states and chine ra must work -- china must work together to come up with global solutions like global warming. >>> a sign that gm is starting to turn things around since emerging from bankruptcy. the detroit automaker also says it will begin repaying its loans. it could pay off the full amount by 2011, four years earlier than expected. >>> teenagers may have to be required to have a doctor's note to be able to use tanning beds. >>> two popular cholesterol drugs are coming under fire. terrell brown explains why. >>> zetia and vytorin, which contain zetia, are taken by millions of americans. but there are major questions about how well the drugs work a study in the new england journal of medicine compares zetia to ni niospin. they said it failed to prevent clogs in neck. the results caused researchers to shut down the experiment early. >> it was a surprise that they found such a big difference in the increased risk in complications and deaths among those using zetia and vytorin. >> merck is questioning the research
Nov 13, 2009 12:35pm EST
of the united states making a speech you said to yourself what? >> it just grabbed me because what he was saying was -- or i felt like for the first time here's a politician speaking to my generation and what he was saying was very new and very different and i remember at the time the country's very divided about the war and he was saying we're not the red and blue states but the united states. i was taken by what he had to say. >> charlie: what did you do? >> i bought his book, "dreams of my father," and i read it and i start googling him and trying to find his number -- his press numbers i called and no one called me back and when i realized i needed a strong team behind me. >> charlie: and you? >> we all had that reaction to that speech. i mean republicans and democrats alike were going who's that guy. >> charlie: the new face on the block. >> yeah. and i think that you know -- one of the things that excited me about him was more generational i really did look at obama in reading his book he seemed post-racial. like i didn't even say this guy could be the first african-american president and
Nov 11, 2009 10:00am EST
is veterans day here in the united states. there you see angela merkle, the chancellor of germany in that picture. >>> a u.s. pilot yanked off a flight minutes before taking off because a co-worker thought he was drunk. irving lamont washington was set to fly a united jet from london to chicago on monday. british police arrested him when he flunked a breathalyzer test, though. washington is now grounded. there have been several incidents for the airlines industry recently. this morning on our sister network a former ntsb official said flyers should be concerned. >> the whole structure of flying has changed. the airline had industry has been in a profound downturn for a number of years and not getting any better. pilots, they -- flight crews are the key component. they're being worked harder. they're being paid less. they're under more stress. and i think there is an issue. and i think you're going to see the ntsb and the faa looking at the whole issue of pilot fatigue, pilot work rules. how do we optimize people's attention in these cockpits? i think that's going to come up in the
Nov 6, 2009 6:00am EST
, this committee continues to look at what we can do to secure universal service to the people of the united states. in my neighborhood in cleveland, ohio, i have seen of the last few years, the postboxes disappear from neighborhoods. i don't take that lightly. to me, that has been an essential part of the infrastructure. the next part of the infrastructure postal service are the branches. we know that the postal administration has been systematically targeting branches, particularly in areas which are economically disadvantaged. think about universal service. we know they are cutting hours. they keep trying to downsize the postal service. at the same time, there has been an expansion of dealings with the private sector. the private sector takes over more and more. i think we need to look long and hard at the creeping privatisation that has been going on the postal service. it is really at odds with universal service. if the postal service is a money loser, why does the private sector want to take over ta? if it loses money, why would anyone want to take it over or even turn it into a bag? nk? this
Nov 12, 2009 7:00am EST
been four times higher than first thought. the h1n1 may have killed 4,000 people in the united states since april. the cdc is now counting lab confirmed cases and deaths complicated from h1n1. >>> president obama got four options from advisers about afghanistan, and he turned them all down. a white house official says the president has growing doubts about the afghan government, and he wants an exit strategy before sending extra troops. so he sent all his staff recommendations back to the drawing board. former secretary of state colin powell supports the president's cautious approach. >> this is a very difficult one for him, and it isn't just a one-time decision. this is a decision that will have consequences for the better part of his administration. so, mr. president, don't get pushed by the left to do nothing. don't get pushed by the right to do everything. you take your time to figure it out. you're the commander in chief and this is what you were elected for. >>> well, part of what's making this decision so hard is the president's two top men in afghanistan completely disagree ab
Nov 12, 2009 10:00am EST
allies that have lent billions to the united states that the u.s. is still strong and the dollar still solid. concerns of regional and international security including north korea will be discussed. his plans for afghanistan will no doubt be in the mix. plus, meeting several newly elected leaders in asia for the very first time. we're following his trip when he does take off. >>> then the economy, of course, will be an important part of the president's trip. just a few moments ago, he spoke about this morning's jobs reports. >> the economic growth that we've seen has not yet led to the job growth that we desperately need. as i've said from the start of this crisis, hiring often takes time to catch up to economic growth. given the magnitude of the economic turmoil that we've experienced, employers are reluctant to hire. >> jen westhoven will have more on the jobs numbers in a minute. >>> heavy rain from what's left of prop cal storm ida is now battering the mid-atlantic. virginia's governor declared a state of emergency. there are coastal flood warnings in some of those areas there. the
Nov 13, 2009 10:00am EST
, they would do it, regardless of if they're in guantanamo or right here in the united states. if they want to do something, they're going to do it anyway. >> herb, thank you for your phone call. got a lot of comments already on this topic on my facebook page. we read your comments. my producer is reading your comments right now. here's some that we have for you. dan wrote this, sure, why not? meaning trying them in new york city. he says having them looking into -- have them looking into the eyes of the people they were potentially trying to kill, i think it is as good a place as any to do it. nina says, no, leave they are where they are. if you bring them to the united states, do you honestly think they will not do another attack on us just to set them free? so she has some safety concerns other people were talking about on the page as well. chris writes this: i look at this differently. as long as these terrorists are locked up, who cares if it's gitmo or new york? i say it's a good thing to have them close so we can keep an eye on them. so keep talking about this. do you think trying th
Nov 18, 2009 10:00am EST
. north korea's nuclear program a big concern for the united states and other allied asian powers. a big priority is getting north korea back to the negotiating table in those six-way talks before leaving china. the president took a little stroll. not an easy stroll, on the great wall. climbed part of it and called the wall absolutely spectacular. >>> right now live, attorney general eric holder testifying before the senate judiciary committee. he's going to be asked tough questions. he's going to be talking about his decision to put the professed september 11th mastermind and four our suspects on trial in new york city. critics have said the move will give khaled sheikh mohammed a stake and saying they can control unruly defendants. were we'll listen to that and get you highlights. stay with us in the next hour. holiday travel already more expensive, if you've been watching because the surcharges. the airline have added those on during the busiest days. the surcharges aren't going anywhere, even after the holidays end. jennifer westhoven is looking out for you and i know is a little fru
Nov 22, 2009 1:00pm EST
is the top crop grown in the united states. it's used in everything from breakfast cereal to toothpaste to shoe polish, even ethanol. >>> you probably already know, americans are fatter than ever. but one woman is hoping to motivate other people by making her own struggle against obesity very public. ruby gettinger is today's breakthrough woman. >> i've been overweight since i was 13. at one point in my life, i weighed as much as 716 pounds and everything started going downhill. the doctor told me, you're going to die if you don't start doing something about this. >> ruby gettinger decided to fight for her life by eating healthy and getting fit. her journey is being documented on "ruby." >> watching her eat healthy and exercise kind of helps me do the same. and because of ruby, i've lost 29 pounds. >> they say i inspired them, but every time i hear their story, it inspires me. >> reporter: getting her personal diary published, she also formed a fitness support group called ruby's walk across america. >> the people that are traveling this road with me tell me they've lost 80-something po
Nov 17, 2009 3:05am EST
's republic of china, the united states supports the early resumption of dialogue bween the chinese government and representatives of the dalai lama. >> reporter: in a candor that has not always mark ed relation, both presidents admitted they will sometimes disagree. ann compton, abc news with the president in beijing. >>> the army plans to launch its own investigation into whether red flags about major nidal hasan were ignored before the ft. hood shootings. the "wall street journal" reports the probe will look at the six years hasan spent at walter reed medil center. investigators say in the days before the shooting hasan practiced shooting more than 200 rounds at a firing range near ft. hood. >> he seemed like he was new at it. what some of the basic concepts down but hadn't been doing it for a very long time. >> this is the final hurrah for him. he knows he's going to die or he hopes he will do i that day. >> lawmakers in congress plan to investigate signs of missed clues in the case on thursday. >>> in north carolina last night a vigil for a missing child became a vigil mourning her death.
Nov 16, 2009 7:00am EST
their own governments accountable. i have a lot of critics in the united states who can say all kinds of things about me. i actually think that that makes our democracy stronger and it makes me a better leader. >> reporter: spiking to 400 college students dubbed china's future leaders, the president was asked twice to explain why he won the nobel peace prize. >> in some ways i think they gave me the prize, but i was more just a symbol of the shift in our approach to world affairs that we are trying to promote. >> reporter: apparently questions from the press to students were not welcome. abc news was asked to shut off our cameras when we tried to interview people in the crowd. the president is now on the ground in beijing for some much more formal meeting with president hu. >> thanks. >>> we turn now back here at home to the political brawl as a result of the book by the political force of nature that is sarah palin, the upcoming book is called "going rogue" as you probably know by now and this morning, the mccain camp is firing back. let's turn to abc's kate snow. kate? >> good morni
Nov 1, 2009 10:30am EST
tried to fly to the united kingdom, but was denied entrance and returned to the united states. almaleki is accused of running over his daughter with his car because he didn't think she was living her life according to the traditional iraqi values. noor almaleki remains in the hospital in serious condition. >>> the suspect in a deadly iraq bombing managed to kill someone during a police interrogation. iraq's interior of ministry says he grabbed a gun from a guard and shot an investigator. the investigator wrestled the gun back and shot the suspect. both died from their injuries. the suspect also looted the guard he took the gun from. investigators were questioning him in last sunday's bombing in baghdad that killed at least 160 people. that was iraq's deadliest bombing since 2007. >>> the bids are really stacking up for a motorized recliner a man drove while drunk. >> and then about five minutes later, they called me, $20,000! i'm like, are you kidding me?! >> and with just a couple days left in the auction, the price is going up. xxxxxxxxxx >>> no wortd on when san francisco's
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